December 2015 Scores

We had 61 total shooters in December.  Some shot Wild Bunch in the morning and Cowboy in the afternoon.  Others shot Cowboy in the morning and in the afternoon.  Others shot only in the morning or only in the afternoon.  Scores for the morning and afternoon matches are below.  Because of a glitch in the scoring system during the morning match, we were unable to score the Wild Bunch shooters separately from the morning Cowboy shooters and we were unable to score Wild Bunch with proper categories showing.  Wild Bunch Traditional shooters are therefore shown as “Senior Duelist.”  Wild Bunch Modern shooters are shown as “Senior Gunfighter.”  All other shooters in the morning match shot Cowboy in the categories shown.  You will have to sort it all out yourselves.  The only Clean Shooter in the Wild Bunch match was Shotgun Jim.  The other clean shooters in the morning match all shot Cowboy.  Alamo Andy had a double, clean in the morning and clean in the afternoon, shooting Cowboy both times.  The regular Cowboy match, shot Saturday afternoon before the Christmas party, has the usual set of scores with no glitches.

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