Quick September Match Report & Thanks from Artiman

We had 74 shooters yesterday.  It was humid and warm, but everyone appeared to have a great time, including another great Sue Freely lunch.  Match scores are being emailed to all shooters and are posted here.

Thanks to all who donated to the fund to help Artiman through his time out of work following a recent motorcycle accident.  We collected a tidy sum.  Lefty Leo, who spearheaded the operation, sent the following report:

Artiman was totally blown away with the generosity of the shooters today.  It really meant a lot to him that our shooters would open up your hearts to him the way you all did today.  I have known him for almost 20 years and can’t remember him ever being so thankful.  He actually had tears in his eyes.  I have only seen that happen with him one other time.  He is in good spirits and gently working on the range of motion exercises that the doctor wants him working on.  I will keep everyone informed as I get new updates from him.  Thanks again to all of you for your help towards getting him back to being his old obnoxious self again soon.

Thanks again to all who donated.  We wish Artiman well and look forward to having him back shooting with us again soon.


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