Plum Creek Shooters at EOT

We had several members and frequent shooters compete at End-of-Trail – the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting.  See results below and be sure to ask each of them all to tell you their stories.  Matt Black finished first overall and shot clean.  That makes Matt the World Champion cowboy action shooter.  His Dad, Colt Faro finished first in 49r, 15th overall and shot clean. Dragon Hill Dave also shot clean and finished second in the Classic Cowboy category.  Congratulations to all!

Alias Category Finish
Colt Faro 49r 1
Colorado Jackson 49r 16
English Bob 49r 31
Spur Broke Cowgirl 5
Shooting Iron Miller Cowgirl 9
Texas Cutie Buckarette 4
Big Iron Patnode B-Western 6
Dragon Hill Dave Classic Cowboy 2
Jim No Horse Classic Cowboy 21
Tres Equis Cowboy 5
Czexican Davve Senior 16
Nueces Slim Senior 21
Sheriff Robert Love Silver Senior 19
Whiskey Kid Wrangler 11
Cowboy Small Wrangler 22
Fairbanks Sam Gunfighter 14
Matt Black Junior Boy 1
SkinDawg Junior Boy 3
Still Smokin’ Junior Boy 6
Diamond Kate Junior Girl 3
Matt Black  Clean 1
Colt Faro Clean 15
Tres Equis 18
SkinDawg 27
Whiskey Kid 54
Still Smokin’ 89
Big Iron Patnode 90
Colorado Jackson 106
Spur Broke 117
Dragon Hill Dave Clean 148
Diamond Kate 180
Czexican Dave 217
Fairbanks Sam 233
Sheriff Robert Love 261
Cowboy Small 285
Shooting Iron Miller 310
Nueces Slim 341
English Bob 370
Jim No Horse 514
Texas Cutie 526
Total Shooters: 554

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