February Match Report

Long Juan here.  We had another great match Saturday, with 47 shooters on three posses shooting in 17 different categories.  We shot six great stages written by P.T. with stories and starting lines relating to the Super Bowl written by Dragon Hill Dave.  Thanks to both.  Congratulations to our top five February shooters overall: Phantom, Kickshot, Hopalong Herbert, Skyhawk Hans and Dutch Van Horn.  We had 20 clean shooters, too many to list here.  Complete results, including clean shooters and category results are available on the Scores page.  Photos from the match should be posted within the next 10 days.  Thanks to Six Goin’ South and Lincoln Drifter for their contributions.

Hope to have even more shooters in March when we will shoot five stages and enjoy special Texas Independence Day festivities.  We will again be shooting stages that are the result of collaboration between P.T. and Dragon Hill Dave.  We will shoot Stages 1-4 and, back by popular demand, Stage 7, the Bath House.  For those who did not shoot this month or do not remember what they shot, that was the stage with 10 pistol knock-downs and 10 rifle knock-downs – shotgun used only to make up any misses on the knock-downs.  It was a hoot!

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