Waddies Needed for the State Match

A plea from Assistant Match Director-Administration & Waddy Coordinator, Agarita Annie:

Are you a waddy? Do you know what a waddy is? No, it is not what you get your “panties in” when you are angry or upset!!!

A waddy is a cowboy slang term that originated around 1895-1900. Today it is used at places like End of Trail and around the country with cowboy shooting clubs to label those wonderful, hard-working people we call VOLUNTEERS.

A shoot like the upcoming Battle of Plum Creek SASS 2015 Texas State Championship does not come together by itself. It takes the work of many volunteers, mostly behind the scenes, to make the event look so good and like it just happened. Lots needs to get done to make such an event a success; shooters need to be registered, shooters need to be parked, stages need to be set, targets need to be painted, banquet halls need to be decorated, Posse Marshals need to keep order among the chaos and yes, toilet paper needs to be supplied to the outhouses!

Please consider becoming a WADDY for the Texas State Championship. Even if you are shooting, you can still be a waddy during the time when you are not shooting. Yes, we will give you time to visit Suttler’s Row and to grab a bite to eat from the food vendors.

If you are able to help us out and would like to be a WADDY please send me an email.  Thanks for your help and support.

Agarita Annie  agarita_a(at)yahoo.com  Change the “(at)” to “@” or download a pdf of the letter on the State Match page and simply click on the email link.



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