Saturday (December 7th) Activities at Plum Creek Postponed

Long Juan here.  We are not going to shoot or have a Christmas party this coming Saturday.  The weather forecast for Friday overnight is lows below freezing, Saturday daytime highs in the mid-30’s with freezing rain and drizzle.

We plan to reschedule everything as a New Year’s/Post-Christmas Party on January 4th.  Details to follow.

Election of Officers:  We will delay the in-person vote and announcement of results until January 4th.  You are still welcome to send me an email “absentee” ballot with your choices anytime between now and January 2nd.  More than 20 members have already done that.  It does not need to be fancy.  Just tell me who you vote for:  President: Artiman or Dragon Hill Dave, Vice President: GT Sharps or Joe Darter, Secretary: Long Juan (no one else was foolish enough to run).  Members should already have my email address from emails I have sent.

Calendars:  For those who ordered 2014 PCSS calendars, I will deliver them on January 4th.  $20 each.  If you need them before then (e.g., as Christmas presents), let me know and I’ll figure a way to get them to you.  For those who have not placed an order, there are only 7 of 25 remaining.  Place your order soon to reserve a calendar at the $20 price.  What the price will be for any additional calendars will depend on the number of orders.  First come, first serve.

Dues and Waiver Forms:  Please bring a completed form (everyone, including Life members and non-members who shoot with us) and money for your dues on January 4th.  The form is available for download on the Downloads and Links Page.

Questions?  Please send Long Juan an email using the Contact Page if you have any questions.  In the meantime, (1) stay warm, (2) Merry Christmas and (3) Happy New Year from the entire PCSS Board of Directors.


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