Plum Creek Work Days

Plum Creek Shooters:

Plan on coming out to the range Sunday, 9/20.  It is our official work day this month and you can get a sneak preview of the October shoot.  Phantom, Joe Darter and their crew will be out setting up the range, then taking a little practice time.  Help them move the targets, see the stages we are shooting and maybe get in a little practice.  Gates open around 9 a.m.  Should be finished by 12:30-1 pm.  There will also be a work day on Sunday, 9/27 (same times) to finish whatever did not get finished for the match on the 20th and to take care of other tasks, repairs, etc.

Workers on both days will get credit under the new work-rewards program that is being developed by Vice President Joe Darter and others.  Be sure to check in with Delta Raider or whoever is keeping the list to get proper credit for working.

Free dry camping is available if you want to stay at the ranch in connection with either work day.  Camping with hook-ups is available for $25 per night.  Lunch will NOT be served, so plan to bring your own.

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