October Match and Planned Club Meeting

We will be shooting Saturday, October 5th.  No more summer rules, i.e., no more shorts and tee shirts.  SASS cowboy attire required.  Forecast high is upper 70’s to low 80’s.  Chance of rain about 20%.  We will be shooting six stages (1-5 & 7).  Registration opens at 7:45 and will close at 8:30 to assign posses.  Stragglers will be registered at 8:45, just before the safety meeting.  Hammers down at 9:00.  Remember to RSVP for lunch.  You may use the contact page here on the website for your RSVP.

In November, we will have our Thanksgiving match on the 2nd.  Between the match and the Thanksgiving feast (lunch), we will have a club meeting.  If you are a club member, please plan to attend.  It will be your opportunity to provide input to your officers about club activities.


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