November Match

Long Juan here!  We had a GREAT day for our November monthly match.  The weather was spectacular – crisp, clear and sunny.  48 shooters showed up to take advantage of the great conditions for shooting.  We had to deal with a little mud, but the work crew on Friday did a great job spreading wood chips where necessary.  Thanks Lefty Leo, Lefty’s Lady (Anne), Caos Drifter, G.T. Sharps, Annalong Longshot, Lucky Nickel, River Ben, Dragon Hill Dave and Delta Raider.

In keeping with the time of year, our match theme was – “We Are Thankful.”  Great starting lines were said and great scenarios were shot by all.  Our top ten shooters were Kickshot, Hopalong Herbert, Dragon Hill Dave, P.T., Dutch Van Horn, Bison Jim, Cowboy Small, Bandera Kid, Lincoln Drifter and Lucky Nickel.  Top woman was Six Goin’ South.  She and Kickshot made is a family affair!  We had four clean shooters: Big John Mesquite, Jake Jones, Lincoln Drifter and P.T.  Winners in categories with competition were: Lightning McQueen – Cowboy, Cowboy Small – Wrangler, P.T. – 49’r, Six Goin’ South – Ladies 49’r, Dragon Hill Dave – Classic Cowboy, Farr Ranger – Senior Duelist, Hopalong Herbert – Silver Senior, Kickshot – Senior, Bison Jim – Elder Statesman, Jarhead Jake – GAF Single, Boon Doggle – Cody Dixon Single, Lars Christopherson – Cody Dixon Lever and The Adobe Kid – Cattle Baron.  Complete scores, including Stage Results are posted on the Scores page.  Photos will be up on the website ASAP, I hope in the next week or so.  Thanks to all who attended, including first-timers with us – Haddy Heard and Shootin’ Star.  Welcome back Doc Law, Queso Kid, Yuma Jack, Schuetzum Phast and Esteban Caliente.

After the match we had a GREAT Thanksgiving lunch.  Thanks Kitchen Kate and Delta Raider for providing such a great facility to shoot, eat and enjoy time together.  Kitchen Kate reminded me correctly that she is responsible for planning our great meals.  Thanks, Kitchen Kate!  Following the meal, we had our first formal club meeting.  We discussed the State of the Club and plans for the future.  More information is available in the minutes, available for download on the Download & Links page.

Our December shoot will be in the afternoon on December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day), followed by a Christmas party.  There will be  Wild Bunch match in the morning.  Details will be posted a couple of weeks before the match.  Don’t forget to bring you donations for the silent auction we will hold the day of our December match to raise funds for the club.  There is nothing too small and very little that could be too large.  Western attire you no longer wear, leather, loading supplies, guns, anything that you think someone else might want.  We are a little short of money because of the State match last year and because we were not given the opportunity to make our money back by hosting State again this year.  We need to raise some money to support club activities.  Contributing to the silent auction in December will provide a great start.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.  Remember to be thankful for your family, your friends, the great State of Texas and our great country.  Hope to see you at the match in December.




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