New Shooting Categories

Although the we strongly encourage participation in standard, SASS-recognized shooting categories, beginning in March, two new special categories will be available at our monthly matches.  All SASS rules apply when shooting these categories, particularly SASS safety rules.  Participants in these categories will compete only within their category, i.e., they are not eligible to compete in the overall match standings.  Shooters in these categories will receive recognition if they shoot a clean match.

Working Cowboy/Cowgirl (WC):  Same as age-based categories, except shoots only one pistol and one rifle.   Second pistol and shotgun sequence are not shot.

Wild Agarita (WA):  Shoots 1911 pistol with one reload for “second” pistol.  Shoots any SASS-legal rifle and shotgun (’97 or SxS) in any SASS-legal caliber.  Shoots same sequence (including loading the shotgun on the clock) as other cowboy shooters.   May shoot traditional or modern 1911, one or two hands.  Starts with two magazines loaded with 5 rounds each.  Follow SASS Wild Bunch rules for handling 1911.  See pages 6-8 of the 2013 SASS Wild Bunch Action Shooting Handbook.

The applicable SASS rules are summarized as follows:  With slide forward and hammer down, one magazine is inserted at the loading table.  Pistol may not be charged (slide cycled placing round in chamber) until on the shooting line ready to shoot the pistol.  Starts with pistol holstered.  May move to shoot second pistol sequence, if necessary, with empty chamber, pistol in hand, slide back, muzzle downrange.  Empty magazine may be left in the gun or  released.  If shooting sequence has long gun between the two pistols, the pistol is staged empty chamber, slide back, muzzle down range and picked up after shooting the long gun.  After shooting second magazine, empty pistol staged, i.e., not in holster, with slide back muzzle downrange.  Empty magazine may be left in the gun or released.  When the shooter finishes the stage, the shooter clears the 1911 before leaving the stage. Clearing requires showing the RO or his designee that the 1911 has no magazine and no round in the chamber, then releasing the slide and pulling the trigger while pointing the muzzle downrange.  The 1911 is then holstered, where it stays until loading at the next stage.  Note that shooting in the WA category is NOT the same as shooting in a Wild Bunch match.  It is simply substituting one 1911 and two magazines for two cowboy pistols.

Our goal with these categories is to encourage shooters lacking full gear to participate and to allow shooters to practice shooting the 1911.  Shooters not already familiar with the 1911 should not plan on shooting in the WA category until they have learned to handle and shoot the 1911 safely.  Be sure to read about handling the 1911 in the SASS Wild Bunch Action Shooting Handbook before you shoot the 1911 in a monthly match.

Unless problems arise, these categories will be offered at least for all of 2014.  At the end of the year, the Board will review the results and make a decision whether to continue either or both in the future.  These categories will NOT be available for Battle of Plum Creek 2014 or any other annual or state match hosted by the Plum Creek Shooting Society.

Download a copy of the category descriptions here

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