July Match

Long Juan here!

We will be shooting our July match on Saturday, July 4th.  Don’t forget to wear your red, white and blue.  The Texas summer appears to be here.  We will be shooting five stages (3-7).  Summer attire is permissible.  That means shorts, short sleeve shirts, etc. are okay.  We are still hoping to see a cowboy hat and boots on most everyone.  It is after all cowboy action shooting.  Remember that costume categories (Class and B-Western) still have to comply with the minimum requirements for the category.

Please send Delta Raider or me an email if you are planning to stay and eat lunch with us.  We want to try to have as good a count as possible.

Hope to see each and every one of you a week from tomorrow at the Agarita Ranch.  If you are not at EOT and are wanting to shoot tomorrow, check out the Green Mountain Regulators’ annual underwear match.


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