January Match Report

We had great weather.  We had LOTS of fun.  We had 75 total shooters – 5 posses of 15 shooters each.  Congratulations to Top Man, Young Gun Matt Black, fka Rattlesnake Wrangler (98.38 seconds).  He was followed closely by father, Colt Faro (103.64 seconds).  Congratulations  also to Top Women, Cowgirls Spur Broke and Ivory Venom, who finished with identical scores of 140.14 seconds for the 5-stage main match.  They were followed closely by Girl’s Young Gun, Diamond Kate at 147.56 seconds.  She was followed closely by father Fairbanks Sam at 147.91 seconds.  Good shooting seems to run in at least two families!  We had only 4 clean shooters in the main match.  Congratulations to Artie Fly, Colt Faro, Kap K. Hawk and Scooter.  Category scores and additional scoring information can be found on the Scores Page.  The posse shoot (Cut Down a Christmas Tree) was great fun.  Thanks Lucky Nickel for the idea.  Thanks Jake Jones and Lucky Nickel for setting up and running the stage.  Winning time was 5.6 seconds (Posse 3, led by Sheriff Robert Love.  DAL was 21.46 seconds (Posse 1).

We had 18 shooters for the morning Wild Bunch match.  Winners were Shooting Iron Miller – Ladies Modern, Jake Jones – Men’s Traditional and Joe Darter – Men’s Modern.

Dinner following the main match was great.  Thanks to Tina and all the others who helped with planning, preparation and serving.

A special plaque was awarded to Elroy Rogers Saturday evening in recognition of his years of service to the Plum Creek Shooting Society.

Plum Creek Shooting Society,

In Grateful Appreciation and Hearty Thanks, Recognizes

Elroy Rogers

(Mack Farrell)

For his Hard Work, Dedication and Support of the Plum Creek Shooting Society

 One plaque will hang in his home; an identical plaque will hang in Elroy’s Rogers Wheelwright Shop (Stage 3).  Thanks Elroy for all of your many contributions to our success as a cowboy action shooting club.

Costume Contest winners were Shooting Iron Miller – Best Dressed Cowgirl, Texas Sarge – Best Dressed Cowboy, Anna Long Longshot and G.T. Sharps – Best Dressed Couple and Artiman – Best Dressed Military.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Boon Doggle and Six Goin’ South for organizing and judging.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this special match a great success, including Lady B Bruce, Anna Long Longshot, G.T. Sharps, Artiman, Lefty Leo and Leo’s Lady, Lightning McQueen, Lucky Nickel, Jake JonesCaptain Jim BisonDragon Hill  Dave, Joe Darter, Delta Raider, Jake Paladin, True Blue Cachoo, Doug the Kid, Lonesome Doug, Wild Hog and Elroy Rogers.  Thanks also to Skinny Steve’s children, Andrea and Cole for their help.  Finally, thanks to Skinny Steve for taking photos all day.  Apologies to anyone whose name was omitted.

Results of the annual election of officers were announced.  President – Dragon Hill Dave, Vice President – Joe Darter and Secretary – Long JuanTrue Blue Cachoo is beginning her second year of a two-year term as Treasurer.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to those who ran and did not win for your willingness to work and help make us the successful club we are.

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