Great Workday Today!

Plum Creek Shooters:

We had a fantastic work day today with Lefty Leo, Phantom, Six Goin’ South, Pedernales Drifter, Whiskey Kid and Manchaca Kid all out preparing the range for our December shoot. Lefty Leo and I restored the tin roof on the Stage 6 unloading table. (Leo did all the brain and carpentry work, I was just a helper). As a result, we are shooting Stage 6 on December 5th.

Phantom, Pedernales Drifter, Whiskey Kid and Six Goin’ South figured out the stages and moved all the targets. Manchaca Kid came behind and painted all the targets until he ran out of spray paint, then he and I got the rollers out and finished up the pistol and rifle targets. Later Six Goin South painted all the remaining shotgun targets, and Whiskey Kid and Pedernales Drifter took care of the Cody Dixon targets.

We are back to shooting stage 8 this month, and Stage 6 is back on line as well, so we will shoot 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 on Saturday December 5th.  You will see that the targets have been moved and re-arranged; Phantom’s team is trying out some different shooting positions and approaches this month. Be sure and look for the Green Texas Christmas tree on Stage 5.

We will start in the morning at the regular times for a 4 stage Wild Bunch match (Cowboys can shoot too if they want). Then we will start registration at 11 am for the afternoon 6 stage Cowboy match, planning on hammers down at 12:30 pm. Plan on eating ahead or bring something with you for lunch as we aren’t planning to provide lunch.

The Christmas Party starts when the shooting is done—I estimate between 5:30 and 6 pm. There will be more details about the Christmas Party as the date gets closer (I know that part of the plan is for everyone to bring a present priced under $50, and Delta Raider says the gift giving and getting will be a lot of fun), so please plan on joining us as it is always a fun and festive occasion.

Remember that this shoot is when we elect our President and Secretary for a two year term. Long Juan is still looking for someone to replace him as Secretary, so if you have any inkling about helping the club in that role, please step up and put your name in the ring—we can sure use the help. I won’t be at the shoot—I will be at The SASS Convention in Las Vegas in my role as the Territorial Governor for the Tejas Caballeros. I will be joined by Jake Paladin and True Blue Cachoo—Jake is the TG for the Plum Creek Shooting Society. I know it will be a good shoot in December, so I hope you can make it-Saturday, December 5th.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!

See ya’ at the Agarita! (Just not this time)

Dragon Hill Dave

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